We can ACHIEVE what the mind can PERCEIVE

---We hiked in the rain with a 4-year old kid and 65-year old man---

(This post is inspired by my dear sis and friend, my family in Spain Lidia Pérez - happy birthday to you)!

--- This experience made me believe more that "Ages cannot limit what we can do

as long as our mind believes we can"

(Tuổi tác thực sự không giới hạn được điều chúng ta có thể làm

nếu tâm trí chúng ta tin không giới hạn chúng ta)----

When I was in Spain, I often organized a hiking trip in the weekend. Have you been there? Costa Brava beach surrounded by mountains, really beautiful! It was always a reward of myself and my friends after a hard working week^^

I remember that day, we scheduled to go for hiking and the weather turned out to be not as it was forecasted.

30 minutes before we supposed to start, It rained even heavier. One of my friends told me that we should cancel it.

Before deciding, I called to Lidia Pérez and asked if she came because Lidia was my first close friend and dear sister in Spain who always came to any meeting and event that I organized (if you are reading it, Lidia, thank you and love you). Lidia said her dad and her on the way to the meeting point.

Right after that, I got a call from a strange number. It was a new member (who knew our event through Meetup). He called me and told me that his family was waiting in the meeting point. And he said a boy and his wife.

My mentor always told me if we organized something, even one person came - we had to do it as well as 1000 people came. I told him without hesitation "I am coming!"

I felt pumped when arriving at the meeting point and seeing the 4-year old kid and Lidia Pérez's father, 65-year old man and they were both excited to go.

It did not stop raining when we arrived at the hiking place, but we made it. It was quite slippery so some of us fell on the way but seeing the 4-year old kid and the 65-year old uncle kept hiking, we got charged and helped each other to make it till the end.

Really, the mind made it happen - not the ages! This picture showed the happy faces of everyone after finishing hiking! The happy feeling of overcoming a challenge together, despite ages or weather!

No matter how old you are, what you do or where you are from, I believe you can do what you want to do if your mind can perceive it! as the kid and the man did!