Can we be friends? THE ACT OF KINDNESS!

Can we be friends?

This was a sentence that made our friendship - Deepika Sindhu and me - and then brought me a beautiful family in India.

The first time I met Deepika was when I attended a one-month training in Samsung India. I sat in one corner of the office and Deepika sat on the other corner, the office is quite huge.

Anytime I saw her, she smiled at me, warm smiles. After around one week, she came to me and gave me a big smile "Can we be friends?".

My eyes sparkled and it was a definite yes coming from my eyes! She was so cute as right after that, she pulled another girl next to me and said: "she also wants to be your friend".

It made my day!

We started saying hi and getting to know each other more since then. Deepika asked me to visit her family but I didn't make it that time. We kept in touch when I went back to Vietnam (thanks to her, she helped me to be in touch). Deepika would call me and let me talk with her parents and her brother, I felt really loved by them.

Some months later, I decided to go back to India and I managed to visit Deepika's family.

And it became one of the most memorable loving events in my life - the visit to her family.

When I arrived at her village, I saw everyone in the village went to the road to say Hi to me. The village was bright with the smiles of everyone. I was overwhelmed by their welcoming and got even more overwhelmed when arriving at her house.

Her parents and her brother already prepared all the food for me, her brother even went to buy ice creams for me, and they kept asking if I wanted to eat anything else.

It turned out I felt full ^^ really just with their love, I didn't eat much.

I would never forget this memory, thanks Deepika and your loving family, always love!

Hope you have a loving time, making a good memory for someone as Deepika's family did to me!