To empower future leaders to make a difference in life:

The founder of EmpowerLeaders Academy and Nonstopworld Academy

Author of a book series NONSTOP loving, living, and giving

International speaker, trainer and coach in high performance, public speaking, international management, leadership, and career 

Source of Inspiration 

Jen has been inspired by her siblings who have saved her life three times, have always loved her unconditionally, intensively and have given her all the best things.
Seeing all the struggles of her siblings - almost dying, dropping out of school, choosing their own life route, standing on their own feet at the early ages, sacrificing for her family, courageously overcoming difficulties - Jen feels compelled to inspire others to be NONSTOP living meaningfully, purposefully and vibrantly, loving completely and openly, and giving to make a difference in life.


Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication, Msc in Business Innovation and Technology Management, Msc in International Management (ongoing)


o   Full Bristish government scholarship (2016 – 2017) to study International Management Masters in Bristol, England.

o   Full European Union's Erasmus Mundus scholarship (2013 – 2014) to study Business Innovation and Technology Management Masters in Spain.

o   Hanoi University of Science and Technology scholarship for excellent students (2007-2011).

o   Nguyen Truong To organization scholarship for excellent students (2011).

o   Samsung Electronics scholarship for talented students (2010).


o   Vietnam Mobile Scholarship for excellent students (2010).

At work

o   Best Performer in Dell Penang (2015).

o   Best trainee amongst 330 in the entrance training course in Samsung Electronics Vietnam (2011).

o   Best trainee 3 times at training in R&D department in Samsung Electronics Vietnam (2011, 2012).

o   Best trainee in the training course of Mobile phone localization tests in Samsung India (2012).

o   Sole candidate selected amongst 100 in the interview of the world's leading provider of technology for the oil and gas industry Schlumberger.

For speaking


o   Founder and keynote speaker at Empoweryou seminar in Bristol, the UK (April 2017 – now).

o   Key presenter at Collaborative leadership conference in Bradford university in the UK (2017).

o   Key presenter at Enterprise conference in Hue University in Vietnam (2016).

o   The winner in International speech Contest in Bayan Baru, Malaysia Toastmaster club (2016).

o   The winner in Humurous speech Contest in Hanoi speakers, Vietnam Toastmaster club (2016).

o   The winner in Evaluation speech Contest in Hanoi speakers, Vietnam Toastmaster club (2016).

o   Most energetic member in Bayan Baru Toastmaster (2015).

For researching

o   Publishing a study in customers satisfaction, motivation, attitude, service quality and loyalty  in Innovation Teaching journal (2015)

o   Science research certificate in a competition of Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty (2011).

o   Certificate of completion the information technology certification from Cisco - CCNA course (2010).

It makes you feel alive. It makes you thrive.
It makes you cry. It makes you feel like you can fly.
It makes you excited to wake up every day.
It makes you take action to better yourself in every way.
It has you living meaningfully, loving openly, and giving joyfully every MOMENT of your life — nonstop.
It is your PASSION, your purpose for living.
— Jen, your friend high performance leadership trainer
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