The moment we decide to fully love and give, we truly live.
— Jen Vuhuong (Full Vietnamese name: Vu Thi Huong)

sOURCE OF INSPIRATION for 'Nonstop loving living and giving'


‘It is impossible. Be realistic. Remember, you are just a little girl from the countryside. Just stay at home, get married and have a bus load of kids’. That was what a friend of my father’s told me after hearing about my desire to go abroad to open my mind and to help more people. He was one of many others who directed my thoughts on the ‘impossibility’ of going abroad. I was one of the most stubborn kids in my village, so I didn’t believe what others told me. Thanks to my source of inspiration - my family especially my siblings.

Jen's family - the infinitive source of inspiration

Jen's family - the infinitive source of inspiration

I have been always amazed by my parents who worked at four different jobs to bring up myself and my siblings. I am myself thankful to be saved by my family from being kidnapped, from a serious motorbike accident in which I lost almost 1 litre of blood, and from an incident of almost drowning in a river. My siblings have always loved me unconditionally, intensively and have given me all the best things. They set great examples for me to be NONSTOP LOVING LIVING AND GIVING. 

Seeing all the struggles of my siblings —almost dying, dropping out of school, choosing their own life route, standing on their own feet from an early age, making sacrifices for their families, courageously overcoming difficulties— I feel compelled to empower others to be NONSTOP living meaningfully, purposefully and vibrantly, loving completely and openly, and giving joyfully to make a difference in life. 

I have made it from a countryside kid to become an engineer in two different international companies (Samsung and Dell);  teaching, studying, and traveling to more than 13 countries; and now fully engaged in the mission of empowering future leaders as an author, trainer, consultant, coach and write. 

the Mission of empowering leaders 


Author of 5 books: 'Nonstop loving living and giving', 'The Goal Achiever', 'Unleash Your Passion', 'The YOU journal', 'Leadership development journey'

#winner of International speaking contests in Penang club (Malaysia), Vietnam and the US Embassy;

#Tedx speaker, HViet program speaker, YouthSpeak AIESEC keynote speaker;

#Ambassador of World Youth Summit for Peace

#As an international speaker, Jen has spoken at different personal and leadership development events in Malaysia, Spain, Thailand and the UK;

#best performer award of Masters in International Management in the UK (2016-2017); Business Innovation and Technology Management (2013-2014); 

#best performer at Dell (2015) partner and Samsung (2013); 

#scholar of the world top scholarships - Erasmus and British government Chevening; YSEALI alumni

#founder of EmpowerLeaders Academy (Be The Leaders, CSpeaking Gym, Start with Green program); HEC - Hanoi Entrepreneur Community;

#trainer of EYI public speaking academy and Institute for strategic LEADERSHIP development research, the US Embassy

#sport lover- winner of arm wrestling competition at university and top marathon runner in Penang, Malaysia.


education Background

• Excellent Masters’ degree at University West of England (the UK) in International Management (Distinction level, best performer award)
• Excellent Masters’ degree at University of Girona (Spain) in Business Innovation and Technology Management (GPA 8.81/10)
• Engineer degree at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (Vietnam) in Electronics and Telecommunications (GPA 8.14/10).

o    Awarded as the youth ambassador of World Youth Summit for Peace in Dubai (2019).

o    Full British government Chevening Scholarship (2016 – 2017) to study International Management Masters in Bristol, England.

o    Full European Union's Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (2013 – 2014) to study Business Innovation and Technology Management Masters in Spain.

o    Hanoi University of Science and Technology scholarship  for excellent students (2007-2011).

o    Nguyen Truong To organization scholarship for excellent students (2011).

o    Samsung Electronics scholarship for talented students (2010).

o    Vietnam Mobile Scholarship for excellent students (2010).



o    Leading Vietnam team to win among 12 countries in Young Leaders Initiatives organized by the US Embassy and Asia Foundation (2019)

o    Best performer in 2 Masters degrees (2014; 2017)

o    Best Performer in Dell Penang (2015).

o    Best trainee amongst 330 in the entrance training course in Samsung Electronics Vietnam (2011).

o    Best trainee 3 times at training in R&D department in Samsung Electronics Vietnam (2011, 2012).

o    Best trainee in the training course of Mobile phone localization tests in Samsung India (2012).

o    Sole candidate selected amongst 100 in the interview of the world's leading provider of technology for the oil and gas industry Schlumberger.

10390303_928912293799375_6376704007429809831_n (1).jpg

o    Tedx speaker on the topic of making a big change starting from a small action (2018).

o    Speaker at Leadership from below talk organized by the UK Embassy (2019).

o    Winner of Public speaking contest organised by American Embassy in Hanoi (2018).

o    Winner of International Speech Contest of the whole Vietnam (2018).

o    Founder and keynote speaker at EmpowerYou seminar in Bristol, the UK; Hanoi, Vietnam (April 2017 – now).

o    Key presenter at Collaborative leadership conference in Bradford University in the UK (2017); Enterprise conference in Hue University in Vietnam (2016).

o    Keynote speaker at HViet program (2018); AIESEC Youthspeak (2018), Icreate space AIESEC (2019)

o    Speaker at Sao Khue Talents academy (2018-2019)

o    Winner of International Speech Contest in Bayan Baru (Penang, Malaysia) Speakers Club (2016).

o    Winner of Humorous Speech Contest in Hanoi (Vietnam) Speakers Club (2016).

o    Winner of Evaluation Speech Contest in Hanoi (Vietnam) Speakers club (2016).

Most energetic member in Bayan Baru speaking club (2015).


•   Published a study in customers satisfaction, motivation, attitude, service quality and loyalty  in Innovation Teaching journal (2015)
•   Science research certificate in a competition of Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty (2011).
•   Certificate of completion the information technology certification from Cisco - CCNA course (2010).

as a sporter

• Top runner in Full Marathon in Penang, Malaysia (2015).
• Third prize in “Samsung’s got talent” competition (2013).
• First prize in a sport competition of Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty (2008).


• Published 5 books: Non-stop loving, living, and giving (Amazon best seller); Unleash Your Passion; The Goal Achiever; Leadership development Journey; The You Journal
• Top ten in Erasmus travelling blog.

It makes you feel alive. It makes you thrive.
It makes you cry. It makes you feel like you can fly.
It makes you excited to wake up every day.
It makes you take action to better yourself in every way.
It has you living meaningfully, loving openly, and giving joyfully every MOMENT of your life — nonstop.
It is your PASSION, your purpose for living.
— Jen, your friend and high-performance leadership trainer
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