Turn your DESIRE into ACTION then a POSITIVE CHANGE in life


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You have a desire to make a positive change in your life, either personal life or business life? Maybe you:

  • do not have a clarity of what truly matters to you or

  • do not know how/the best strategies to achieve your goal or

  • do not have momentum to take action every day or

  • do not have someone who believes in you and challenges you to level up your life or

  • want to feel the joy, vibrant and happy YOU in everyday life?


I used to have these challenges during my journey! Coaching has changed my life for better so I want it to help you level up your life!

Coaching has helped me make different changes in my life especially 2 biggest changes: (1) my self- identity (from a silent bitter kid to a grateful love-speaking person); (2) my career from an engineer who loved public speaking to now developing a new career as an international speaker, trainer and writer!

Through my journey of learning and developing about myself everyday (self-coaching) and being coached by top coaches in the world as well as coaching people over the last decade, I have a strong desire and I know how to help you!



Either one-to-one (online or offline)! Yes, I have done both offline and online coaching, they both work!

The process of coaching goes from we work together then self-coaching (you can do by yourself) after a period of time!

I will walk you through a process of looking within you, develop and sustain your best. In particular, you will figure out:

  • Where you are now

  • Where do you want to go 

  • Why do you want to achieve the goal

  • What stop you from achieving the goal

  • Tackle things stop you (stories, limiting beliefs)

  • Identify your strengths/accomplishments, skills needed and social circles (mentor, community) needed to achieve the goal

  • Proactive action plan in detail for 1 week, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days 

  • Make a contribution by doing what you do

  • Feel the joy and vibrant you during the journey


  • Define what you want 

  • Beat fears 

  • Kill procrastination 

  • Stop making excuses 

  • Master your confidence

  • Build and sustain high performance productivity habits 

  • Bring the joy

These tools will help you to do self-coaching so you can help yourself in the long-run and even help others to do the same!


  • Step 1: Book your 30-min free coaching session (with the form below)

    Why? Because we need to understand what do you expect from coaching so we can see if we can work together

  • Step 2: Our coaching starts!

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What includes in the program

By joining Jen’s coaching program, you will get access to:

  • One-to-one coaching session every week (online or offline)

  • 24/7 email support

  • Suggestions on Audios or Videos or Reading materials

  • Special deal to LIVE events



1: Draw your appealing future: identify your  purpose, passion and goals

1: Draw your appealing future: identify your purpose, passion and goals

2: Replace dis-empowering beliefs and distractions by empowering  beliefs and focus

2: Replace dis-empowering beliefs and distractions by empowering beliefs and focus

3:  Action  plan and Habits mastery

3: Action plan and Habits mastery

4:  Emotion  mastery

4: Emotion mastery

5:  Health  mastery

5: Health mastery

6:  Productivity  mastery (Time and Focus)

6: Productivity mastery (Time and Focus)

7:  Persistence  mastery

7: Persistence mastery

8:  Relationship  Mastery

8: Relationship Mastery

9.  Joy  Mastery

9. Joy Mastery

jen’s partners’ and clients’ stories?

Jeremy Fraser - Marketing and PR Consultant, author and entrepreneur.

If your mind’s in a whirl,  or you have any problems, situations or feelings which you don't understand or can't cope with, I urge you to go to see this ladyfor wise guidance on how to move forward .

Jen really listens and gently guides you to clear your mind from all the turmoil.  After spilling out all your thoughts and then hearing her amazingly insightful comments, a light switches on in your brain and suddenly you know precisely what you must do to get back on track and move on in life.

Highly intelligent and incredibly wise for such a young person, Jen seems to understand exactly what you are saying and how you are feeling before you even try to elaborate. You come away feeling remarkably clear-headed and relieved that you’ve at last found someone who not only understands your situation but can actually help!

Jen’s special talents encourage you to dig deep into your subconscious, your inner-self, who welcomes the attention you have finally given to the real YOU, and as your reward, makes clear the longed-for realisation of what must now be done.

Her fees offer amazing value for money considering the invaluable help you will have in sorting out your life. Consider the payment as an investment in yourself. What better cause can there be?  It’s not selfish; before you can help anyone else, it’s you who has to feel confident and happy again – and Jen can get you right back there, sooner than you think!

Agata Kaniecka - Finance officer.

I met Jen a couple weeks ago. We spent quite a lot of time talking and as a result of our conversation I finally figured out what is my purpose and with her help I set my goals. I don’t know how did she do it, but during the conversation she helped me to realize what do I really want, and it feels like it was all already in me, I just didn’t know how to find it. I really couldn’t be happier, now everything makes more sense and I get up every morning very motivated with a lot of energy to reach new goals. Another thing we spoke about was how to create new habits and make them work. That was always difficult for me, because every time I had new plan to improve my habits I was quitting after 3-4 days. But now, with Jen’s help it’s been more than a month and I am still ok with everything I have decided, sometimes it is not easy, but at the end of the day it does really work! Jen is a very nice, energetic, smart and helpful person. She is so optimistic and passionate that you really want to listen to her. I am very lucky I met her and I am very grateful for her help.

Aaron Everhart - Founder and Chairman HATCH! VENTURES.

I also attended her programs CSpeaking Gym and Be the Leader. She takes initiative in organizing a weekly business networking event. Her method is natural and engaging. She draws out the best in participants. Her charisma is motivating, and people appear changed for the better. I am confident Jen will continue contributing in shaping a better future for Vietnam.

Leo Vu - Teacher at Istart.

I have attended several workshops of international trainers, but it is the first time that I have felt myself in each second during your workshop without any distraction. Thanks for your sharing that empowers us to be courageous to be ourselves.

Frequent questions and answers

Which goals can Jen’s coaching help with?

Any! Yes, any! No matter how successful you are, you can level up your life in different aspects by having someone who believes in your potential, gives you other perspectives, shares best practices on personal and business development and challenges you to THINK bigger, ACT bigger to CONTRIBUTE better!

How long should I get the coaching for?

3 to 6 months (and yes, depending on where are you now at your journey, where do you want to go and your commitment; having said that we will work together to tackle these challenges)

What does Jen’s coaching offer that others don't? 

The coaching program is based on not only my personal achievement but the most updated scientific studies on human development as well as the top world successful people (I am honored to be a direct student of some of them). The most important thing is that - I have been doing self-coaching since I was a kid so I have developed an undying passion and long-time trainer capability to help you later on be your best self-coach. In short, I give you a system, the way to grow your best true self, then later on you can continue that journey by yourself and even help others to do the same!

How does Jen’s coaching work? and How do I get started with Jen’s Coaching? 

Start by scheduling a free 30-minute conversation today. During that session, we will learn about each other and set a common ground for the coaching. We will also set challenging goals and begin defining a vision for your success together with identifying three to five limiting beliefs that stop you from achieving your goals.

After the first conversation, you can sign up to get me who will meet with you one on one each week via phone or face-to-face to keep you accountable, stay aligned with your vision and reach the highest sustainable performance. And yes, I love challenging you to see things differently, do things differently to get bigger results.

Talk soon,