7Cs of Storytelling

7Cs of Cspeaking gym is about personal and leadership development! But let's “make up” 7Cs for storytelling to celebrate for our Story Jam - a special session happening every first meeting of a month because Storytelling is a crucial part of leadership and communication!

C1 – Cultivate stories in every moments of life

To have a story or stories to tell, we can take notes on some interesting moments happening every day!  Basically, building a database of stories so later on we can access to it when needed!

C2 – Capture the audience at the beginning of your speech by using IMAGINE

Using Imagine to embrace the curiosity of the audience, triggering their imagination then emotions!

C3 - Create suspense

Make the audience curious and remember your stories by creating suspense - a conflict or turning point!

C4- Characterize people in stories

Make the audience see, hear and feel the characters of the story!

C5- Connect with the audiences

Connect with the audience by asking questions – making them think and then reflect so they can experience the transformation process as you do!

C6- Choose to show not to tell

Showing them by using vivid languages or sounds!

C7- Conclude with call for action

This is to answer the “So What questions”