Once upon a time, a little girl got lost in a forest. While the sun was setting, she saw a lighthouse in the distance and tried to run toward it. She ran as fast as her little legs allowed her, jumping through bushes and over fallen trees, but the more she ran, the farther away from her the lighthouse appeared to be. She was confused and scared. She tried to run toward the lighthouse again but, as she did, the lighthouse seemed to keep moving farther and farther away. She felt lost and couldn't understand what was happening.

The more confused she felt, the faster she tried to run, and the farther away from her the lighthouse appeared to be. On her way this time, she noticed that there was a large hole at the side of the road, a hole deep enough to contain a tall person. In fact, there was a person in the hole – an old man with long gray hair. He seemed to be trapped , but his face was bright and sported a genuine smile. Forgetting that she was in a hurry, the little girl stopped to help the man out of the hole. As she approached him, she began to feel a different feeling. Her confusion receded; she felt joy. 

Getting close to the hole, the little girl said, "Let me help you out of there."

The man lifted his gaze to the girl, smiled and said, "I’m fine. I’m not trapped. I’m connected to this hole."

“How can you be connected to it? It trapped you, didn’t it?” the girl asked.

The man smiled. “I have freed my mind. We are only really trapped when we think we are. I can free my physical body with ease because my mind is free.” Saying this, he showed her that he could step out of the hole effortlessly.

The man’s words awoke something inside of the little girl. A flourishing feeling went throughout her body. She could hear her heart pounding, she could feel the wind caressing her skin. She could hear the rustling of the trees, and perceive the colour of the sun shining through the leaves.

“Where are you going, little girl?” the man asked, bringing the little girl back from her meditations.

“I have been following the road to the lighthouse. It seemed to be this way, but the more I ran, the farther away from me it appeared to be. But now, somehow I think I have finally found it.”

The man smiled. “Yes. It is here. You are already living within it. When you run, you lose touch with it. Just slow down and feel it.”

The little girl closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and started feeling each cell of her body being energised. She looked up and saw the lighthouse in the sky, and a warm feeling overflowed in her heart. She could feel the earth through all of her senses. She enjoyed being in the present, in front of her lighthouse. She stopped chasing the illusion of the exterior lighthouse and allowed herself to light up her inner, personal lighthouse.


Feeling the lighthouse inside her heart, the little girl opened her eyes. The forest was not the forest anymore. It was crowded with people, animals, and trees. She found herself in the city of the lighthouse. Everyone had a lighthouse inside them and lit the whole city. Everyone smiled. Everyone looked extremely happy and present. The little girl felt like she was in heaven. She felt a warm feeling more than ever, she smiled to think about going back to share her story of finding the lighthouse to her hometown.


On her own way, she saw the old man that she had met in the forest. He was talking with a group of people. They were laughing and cracking jokes while talking with each other. She approached him to say hi.


Her heart stopped pounding because of being surprised…

The man was talking with her family.


She realised…

The city she was NOW in was her hometown.

Where is your lighthouse? Where is your target? What is your purpose? Are you living up to it every moment, or are you endlessly chasing the illusion of it?

Do you keep running without feeling the purposeful present moment? Are you losing sight of the big picture?

There is no way to PASSION, passion is the way! Live with Passion and you feel the existence of it! Generate Passion everyday!

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