Communication is the long-term strategy for long-term connection

I used to be a really bitter kid. I always felt there was a pressure on my heart. Anytime my mom told me that I didn’t do things well, I kept silent and told myself I had to try better. Anytime at school, I made a mistake, I kept silent and told myself I had to try harder. Anytime I argued with my sister, I kept silent after hearing her argument. I normally chose silence to solve conflicts. And yes, it is the best SHORT- TERM strategy but the worst LONG-TERM strategy to personal freedom.

The negative energy was built up overtime after each time I didn’t feel convinced  by others and I kept silence. Thankfully, I started speaking up after I finished my high school, I started speaking it out, my feelings not to blame but to share and to not assume things.

The more difficult we feel when expressing what we feel, the more important to do it to ensure there will be no negative energy built up subconsciously in our relationship.

I have interviewed different entrepreneurs and leaders, they all shared the key factor helping them building their team is COMMUNICATION.

The more we communicate, the more we understand each other, the more we can move forward without negative hidden energy.

COMMUNICATION creates long-term connection!