Break or Form a new habit

Here is a summary of steps to take to break or form a new habit (adopting from the POWER OF HABIT book):

Step 1 – You want to change the habit?

  • Yes? List down all the great things you gain by changing the habit!

  • No, you can read the following when you want to change

Step 2 – Get excited to do research to identify the cue

When you feel the urge for your habit, ask yourself with the 7W:

  • What time is it?

  • Where are you?

  • Who else is around?

  • What did you do right before?

  • What image or thought came to your mind?

  • What emotion are you feeling?

  • What ….

One of the things is the cue triggering your habit! Picking up the most common pattern by observing it over time.

For example, maybe the habit of eating late – I came back from work, I didn’t eat before the whole afternoon so I told myself I should get reward by eating!

Step 3- Identify the craving – reward

  • What craving after taking the action – the habit?

  • Replace the reward by another way to satisfy the urge

For example, instead of eating, I let myself to think about great thing I have done or write something meaningful because I love writing

Step 4 – Insert a new routine that can satisfy the urge

  • Putting it into 5W model – what when where what why who to do it for

Step 5 – Small wins

Congrats you after each time you take the new routine!