3 Top habits that help you make a change possible

Habit 1 - Own your golden hour

Do you often feel rush in the morning to go to work? or to answer somebody? or to check-in your social media because you look for something to fulfill your feeling?

Do you feel that you are living in a responsive mode instead of being proactive?

Then it is time to get back the control of your morning.

I would like you to leave all the excuses behind and try to get back the control of your morning.

Excuse 1: If you don’t answer people, you will be late

No, it is an excuse that your old self tells you to let you make an easy choice to check in social media and emails then you don’t need to think about how to make the best out of your day. You let your day in the hand of other people when you are living in the responsive mode.

And if it is really urgent, schedule to answer it after checking in yourself first.

If it is needed, going to sleep earlier to wake up earlier to check in yourself first.

Excuse 2: It is my job, checking emails and social media

But it does not need to be the first thing you do when you wake up, you have your whole day!

So, let’s get into the 3 Gs for mastering your golden hour - the first hour when you wake up:

(1) Goals: Plan 3 goals to achieve on the day

(2) Growth: Exercise (Body), Meditation (Mind), Read/Listen to books/audio books (Brain)

(3) Gratitude: 3 things that you feel grateful for and send love to one person you feel grateful for

Habit 2: Transition time

Between activities, release tension and set intention

Habit 3: Prime your sleeping with gratitude

Before going to sleep, letting your devices take a rest, reflecting on the day and thinking about what do you feel thankful for.