Deal with the little voice

18th Feb 2019, CSpeaking officially came back from a long break – thanks to all the gym leaders and gymers who made it happen.


The topic of the day was 'Coming back' stronger despite the little voice to train the 'Commitment' muscle among the 7Cs muscles of Cspeaking gym (Confidence, Competence, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Commitment, Compassion). The little voice normally comes whenever we want to do something that is out of comfort zone for example in the case of Cspeaking gym, we want to come back stronger after a long break. Somehow the voice makes us doubt ourselves and not take action to move forward. So to stay committed in our development journey, we need to learn to deal with the voice to take action anyway.

We had a great ‘Little Voice’ play where each team made a story telling about a person overcame little voice to work on realizing their dream or goals.

Here’s a formula to deal with the little voice:

- Acknowledge its presence (identifying it clearly: what does it say to you in which context and how often,…)

- Associate empowering meaning to it: saying THANKS to it and associate good meaning to it ‘Thank for the little voice which reminds us that we are doing something worthy and help us to grow to the next level’

- Take the first action to get out of our head and the little voice

- Have a clear action plan and model successful people

- Take the first step to just move forward

- Celebrate small wins to reinforce the empowering results then thoughts and beliefs then action

Cannot wait to meet you in the next week on the topic of ‘Cheering up’

Talk soon,

Nonstop love live give,