CHEER up to increase Confidence and Compassion - CSpeaking Gym 25th Feb

CHEER UP to develop our Confidence and Compassion.

I believe each of us experiences the time of learning something new, a new skill, a new career, a new way of living. And the one string connects our continuous action during the learning journey is to keep the belief on we can make it happen. Having someone cheers us on or we cheer ourselves can help us reinforce our belief leading to positive action. Cheering others is also an exhibition of compassion and the fire of commitment.

In Cspeaking gym, we have different practical interactive activities to develop our 7Cs (Confidence, Competence, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Commitment, Compassion) of leaderships and each meeting we choose one topic to reinforce the 7Cs. On 25th Feb, we use the training technique - CHEER UP to train our Confidence and Compassion among the 7Cs.

Here is a summary of how CHEER UP can help us increase our confidence and compassion:

How CHEER UP can increase our Confidence?

When we are in the down moment or lack of confidence, if we are cheered up (either by ourselves or by others), we will believe in ourselves more to take action, action creates experience, experience can lead to competence then confidence.

For example, when we feel that we are not at speaking but our mentors cheer us up "You have potential to speak well. Your current performance does not reflect your future performance. Just keep sharing and you will improve. I believe in you". We then continue trying to speak then we improve then we are more confident. We can act as our own mentor or have a real mentor or a supportive community (CSpeaking gym is one for you) to be cheered up and keep improving.

Not even in a down moment, when we knock down a goal, we deserve to be CHEERed up either by ourselves or others. When we celebrate our achievement, our brain knows what is good to reinforce

How Cheer Up develops Compassion?

When we encourage ourselves or others to overcome difficulties or down moments, we express our care and love toward ourselves and others.

7 Ways to Cheer Up others?

When they feel down?

- Acknowledge their feelings

- Say how much you love them or care about them and

- Ask questions to let them speak

- Listen

- Say "thanks for sharing"

- Ask them to do one thing to change their state of mind

- Make a joke

When they are not confident about themselves?

- Send an inspiring image/video

- Share one image of one achievement they did in the past

- Share one image of one thing you learn from them

- Ask them to share why do they feel that

- Listen

- Say "thanks for sharing"

- Learn one new thing with them

The most 7 cheering up sentences yesterday were:

- I am happy

- I am very happy

- I am truly happy

- I am happy to know you

- I am happy to learn from you

- I am happy to learn to how to improve

- I am happy when you are all happy

This is a collective cheering up that leads to collection action then collective happiness!