Kill procrastination

We had a great time to discuss on the topic of Killing procrastination at HEC.

Here is a take-away summary! What are your favourite strategies?

1) Why we procrastinate?
5 Main Causes Of Procrastination:
- A Fear of Failure
- Low Energy Levels
- Excessive Perfectionism
- A Lack of Focus
- Overwhelming

2) Solutions

- Revisit the reason you want to do the project you want to do 
Is the project worthy doing?
Are you 100% sure that you want to do it?
What are 3 feelings you have if you crush it?
Keep revisit these feelings everyday
(Book: Start with Why of Simon Sinek)
- Win back your morning Routine 
Energize you: exercise, stretch
Plan: What are 3 main outcomes of today?
Prime your mind: 3 things you feel grateful for?
Learning: reading or listing to learn 3 new things?
(Book: )
- Break down a project into small tasks then using Block time to schedule it
From Monthly tasks, weekly tasks, daily tasks, hourly tasks to block time tasks (e.g., from 6am to 7am: doing a task 1; take a break 5 mins; then continue another block time with task 2)
- Accountability
Having an accountable partner (e.g., coach, mentor) or a growth friend to keep you accountable

What are your favourtie strategies?