Renew Your Life

I have experienced a great course of my mentor Brendon on renewing your life and here are some takeaway that we can practice together:

  • Bring back the ambition to be a better you

Have greater emotional connection with your best. Feeling doesn't generate itself, we generate it by focusing on it. 

(1) What is a feeling that you want to have more of in your life?

(2) How can you generate that feeling on purpose?

For example, for me one time was 'peace' so I decided to add yoga into my daily practice. 

(3) Raise the standard in your relationship 

What is the one thing that you can do to charge your relationship?

For example, to improve the relationship with my family, I visit my family every week.

  • Prime your day

Get your morning started on the right food by creating your own personalised routine such as going to do exercise right away when you wake up or maybe you can practice affirmation 'reading out loud thing that makes you feel excited' such as your goal

  • Witness Beauty 

Write down what you love and you feel grateful for. Being intentional in reinforcing beautiful things happened around us. It can be something that is really simple like you see a beautiful flower. 

What did you see that it was beautiful?

What did you say that was beautiful?

What did you hear that was beautiful?

  • Bring the joy 

Decide to bring joy, positive energy, vibrancy 

What do you need to do to show up with positive energy?

  • Remove non-essentials 

Check the following list:

Need: Do you need to do it?

Ownership: Is it your problem?

Passion: Is it your passion?

Growth: Does it make you grow?



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