Challenge: Cspeaking Gym Week 9

Challenge: 'Something that needs great mental or physical effort in order to be done successfully and therefore tests a person's ability' _Cambridge dictionary.

Since I was a student, I started deeply engaging into personal development books and I found the word 'challenge' is one of a really common words that most authors shared in their books. They said 'Challenges make us grow'. And one of my favourite authors Tim shared his Ted talk about 'creating a fear list' (not to-do list or goal list). He suggested to do a thing that we felt fearful - a challenge every day to develop ourself to another level. That stuck me! It has been a really favourite practices for me anytime I feel I don't grow I know I need my 'fear list' or 'challenge list'.

What is your challenge list?

I believe you have the ability to overcome challenges and you have done it. Each time we overcome a challenge, our competence muscle gets stronger and stronger. If you found speaking in front of public challenging then just allow yourself to take one step forward to speak then the time after that you will feel easier to speak. And if you don't like what have you performed, it is ok as you are developing, the more you know the more you may feel you don't know.

There are 3 practical steps to tackle a challenge that I found working well for me and my clients:

  • Re-frame the challenge: Re-frame by the word itself, instead of saying 'challenge' we say 'opportunity'. Think about the challenge as an importunity to grow.
  • Re-frame our role: Imagine in 10 year time, we will be more mature and better. Think about one thing that future self will tell us to do in the current situation to deal with the challenge.
  • Change our state of mind: Just do one thing to change our state of mind to become a good state of mind (either going to do exercise or going to meet our mastermind group or doing one thing to feel we grow) then from that point, re-think about the one step to tackle with the challenge. 

This Tuesday  in Cspeaking gym we will create a challenge list to tackle together so we can develop as a more confident person/speaker/teamplayer/leader.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Love live give,



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