Don’t start a journey until it planned

There is one thing from different trips that I notice is it is always planned in advance. The reason everyone feels planning in advance as it is a trip. A trip is a trigger to make people plan. And the reason we do it because we can save our resources for going around and being confused of what to do due to lack of information. If we can apply it into everything we do – a day or an hour – plan in advanced we will also maximise our resources.  

There are some important things of a plan:

·         Outcomes and purposes

·         How-to achieve the outcomes

o   Resources (budget, human resources, partnership, transport,…)

o   Timeline

o   Places

Let’s break-it down together:

·         Outcomes act as the most important of a plan – it is like a rope through the event connecting all the things together – everything is to move the trip toward to the outcomes. Any activity needs to be judged whether adding values to the outcomes. Purposes act as spirit of the outcomes/the trip – why do we want to achieve the outcomes? Purposes guide our spirit –state of mind

·         How- to achieve the outcomes: We need to identify our resources then knowing which resources are capable of helping us to achieve the outcomes, which ones need to be improved or complimented by outsources or partnership. For example, the embassy in the trip found that they need one trainer sharing about environment topic so they asked me join in the trip.

I believe any trip needs to have elements of work and entertainment. Combining activities to highlight these aspects important. Last days, we went to 4 different provinces (Thai Nguyen – Bac Kan – Cao Bang – Lang Son) and in each province, we did event and went to different natural places to learn about the culture and food.

The most important lesson that I always learn is to be grateful for the trip – reflection after each day and feel grateful that we have a chance to experience it and having chance to spend time with others.