Clarity - CSpeaking gym Week 8

Have you ever used GPS to find the way to go to somewhere? I bet you have or at least you know about the way it works! We need to know the starting point and the ending point. And if we don't know one of the points or none of them, it would be a challenge. If we don't have that clarity, it would be a challenge. 

It is similar to our life, we need to have a CLARITY about who we want to be and what we want to do - the THERE we want to get to and where we are now - our current beliefs and behaviours then we can get from HERE to THERE. 

I remember when I changed my career from being an engineer to a writer and a speaker I had a strong belief that I could do that even I didn't know how. But as I had that clarity of my feeling and who I wanted to become, I found the way to make it happen. 

I found my mentor who is an international speaker and trainer as well as a best selling author and I have learned from him the 'how' since then. And the one lesson and first and foremost lesson he always taught me was 'clarity'. Although my journey has just started and there several challenges and things to learn but I know the clarity of becoming a great writer and trainer to empower the best from people will guide me and assure my fulfillment during the journey. 

If you have a dream or a feeling that you want to do something but you may don't feel it clear enough or strong enough, you may want to work on the clarity. If you want to be a great public speaker but you still feel that you lack of clarity whether you can do it or not, you need to identify the 'great' definition - what does it mean to you? Knowing that, you always can work to achieve that 'great' level. For example, you may define 'great' to you mean 'inspiring, passionate, authentic' or 'confident, authentic, humurous'. From having that clarity you will define what do you need to work on the achieve these characteristics. 

A framework to increase 'Clarity':

Three words that describe my best self are…




Three words that could define how I want to treat other people are…

The main feelings I want to cultivate in my life are…


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