Connection - Cspeaking gym 21st Aug

We talked about 'connection' and most importantly we demonstrated the 'connection' between each other. I felt so loved and connected with everyone today despite their ages and professions. 

Thanks to everyone. Here are some lessons that I learned today about connection:

A framework of connection that helps us to connect with others better then we can feel more comfortable and confident.

Connection = Be curious + Be present + Be supportive + Be thankful + Be true

  • Be curious

Always being a learner to learn new things;

always consider everyone is a good teacher;

being genuinely interested in knowing others

  • Be present:

Fully concentrating on being with others, be in the here and the now, not being held by the past or hanged by the future

  • Be supportive 

Respect and support other dreams;

Provide support either emotional support or information or contact support to help others realise their dreams 

  • Be thankful 

Gratitude helps us to focus on positivity and happiness; being thankful toward others make others feel appreciated so they will feel more open to connecting with us

  • Be true 

Be true to ourselves can help us to connect with the true self of others, the connection will be more authentic and deep and sustainable 

We also learned a lot from the five teams today:

  • Teamwork, making everyone being heard and being able to speak 
  • Share supportive feedback to help others improve 
  • Listen to understand and appreciate others 
  • You have one idea, I have one idea, we share, we have two ideas 

Cannot wait to see everyone next week with the topic 'Congruence'