Have you ever 'been' friends with them? I believe we all have sometimes, either in a short moment or long time. These things - fear, obstacles, struggles - often come when we try new things such as learn a new skill especially the skill that people often tell us that 'it is terrifying' like public speaking; or when we decide to pursue a challenging goal such as going abroad or start our own business. 

We often think these things are our 'unwanted friends' but we still give them lots of time, energy to think about them that somehow makes us feel demotivated to achieve what we want to do.

The reality is that these 'unwanted friends' are our long-life friends, they will be always there everywhere every time we do something that is worthy. They actually send us signals that the things we do are something challenging that we can grow and get out of our comfort zone. If we never speak in front of public before, when we want to do the first time, we may feel fear and that fear tells us that is a challenge and prepare for that. And when we have the courage to just do it anyway, these 'unwanted friends' vanish into the air.

I remember the first time I spoke in front of hundreds people, all the 'unwanted friends' in my head told me 'what if others will laugh at me? what if they don't like what I say? what if I don't remember?' All the what if came, but when I just did it, it disappeared. 

I believe you have the courage to do whatever it take, and when you do it all unwanted friends vanish into the air.

Lets gather together to speak up, demonstrate our courage.


To increase the 'muscle' of courage, we can do some practices everyday:
- One thing that I can do to honor my struggle is...
- One person that I can share my ambition today is...
- One thing that I am scared of but I will do today to grow is...

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In this video, how demonstrating more courage can help us do things differently to get better results