Summary CSpeaking Gym week 4 7th Aug- Consistency

If you were given a choice between taking $3 Million in cash this very instant and and a single penny that doubles in value every day for 31 days, which would you choose? And why? (an example from the book 'The Compound effect'). 

If you have done this exercise before, you may know you should choose the penny. With the compound effect, at the day 31 you get $10,737,418.24 which is almost 3 time more than $3 Million. 

Or just take an example of your reading habit. One scenario is you consistently read one page every day and double the page after each week. Other scenario is you read 10pages/one time/per week. After one week, it seems the first scenario does not bring much payoff, you only finish 7 pages while the second scenario makes you feel you complete more with 10 pages. However, after 1 month, the first scenario makes you read around 56 pages while the first scenario make you read 40 pages.

With consistent action everyday and compound effect, you achieve your goal in the long run. The small choice you make everyday with the consistency over time create habits then lead to results in the long run. 

In the week 4 of CSpeaking Gym, we discovered another 'C' topic - Consistency especially its role in our life formula: 

Your Choices (decisions) + Consistency (often seen in your Habits) + Compound Effect (Time) = Goals.”  

  • Small choices

Choice is a door opening the next steps you take leading to results either good or bad. For example, your everyday choice of what to eat, what to drink influences your health. If you choose to eat apples instead of candy, you give your body healthy inputs resulting in better health of you. If you choose to use staircase instead of elevator, you consume more kcal resulting in a healthier body or losing weight. 

The choice you made to come to CSpeaking gym instead of staying at home led to your speaking performance in the group resulting in a better improvement in your speaking and personal development journal. 

  • Consistency

What you consistently do every day decide who you become. When you make a choice, you take action. If you consistently make the choice and take the action, it becomes a habit then influences the results you get in life. 

If you keep making the choice of eating chocolate instead of apples, you eat the chocolates and it becomes a habit resulting in your unhealthy body. 

If you make a choice to practice a speech everyday, you finish 7 speeches after 1 week, 365 speeches after a year; you master your speaking journey. 

  • Time - Compound effect

When to start staying consistent in doing something such as speaking?

The earlier you start, the better it is.

Imagine if you start doing public speaking since you were 10 years old, everyday you give a speech. When you are 20 years old, you have given 3650 speeches. But if you start giving speech only when you are 20 years old, you may need to catch up the person who starts at their early age.

Having said that, it is never late as long as you make a decision and take action most importantly stay consistent. 

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