How to wake up early

You know that morning routine helps you increase your productivity, but you just have difficult to wake up early or wake up on the time you want to.

You want to make a decision that you really want to change it and there are 4 tips for you to get it done:

1. Stories

Tell yourself empowering stories to wake up in the morning to make your brain excited about it.

For example, I will wake up tomorrow and I will go for a walk and feel energetic for the whole day.

2. Trigger

You can use music to trigger you. And you also can try to write a card for yourself in the morning and put it next to your pillow that when you wake up, you read them that make you feel excited.

3. Cost

What are the costs of waking up late (feel disappointed, behind the schedule, reduce productivity, reduce performance, etc)

4. 1 Must

Just tell yourself one thing, just one simple thing that you MUST do.

When you do that one simple thing, that one thing, you gain the momentum for the whole day.