How to stop worrying and start doing

You have a dream, a goal, or a desire that you really want to achieve but you often keep thinking but not taking action yet.

4 ideas for you to start taking action:

(1) Shift your focus from you to service

Stop focusing on what do you feel because of doing it, start focusing on how can you serve people better.

If you are a writer, stop focusing on people will judge you, start focusing on somebody will get inspired by reading your message.

(2) Clarify your mission and create an action plan

If you have a desire, you want to make it clear and explicit. You want to travel to your goal your desire with your mind, work backward to the current now. Identify what do you want to do monthly, weekly, daily to achieve the goal

(3) Daily action/habits to gain momentum

You want to take daily action to gain the momentum, complete at least 3 things to move closer to your goal.

If you want to be a writer, writing, meeting your writing group, reading would be 3 things to move closer to your goal

(4) Accountability

Have a group of people who work toward the same goal. Keep accountability with them.