How to be happier

How many times during the last week that you have felt unhappy or experienced negative feelings? The answer maybe many?

Do you want to be happier? The answer would be absolute YES.

Can you see the contradictory, you want to be happier but you often choose to not be.

You probably argue that it is because of the external factors. Just imagine, you are an orange, no matter who squeeze you, you have orange juice. You may get the idea now, what inside you creates the outside! 

I remember when I was third year student, I felt lost and felt no progressing, studying just studying and feeling long time to go till I could finish it then work on my desire of helping people to make a difference in life.

I decided to cycle to HaiDuong to see my sister...

where my second sister, Tomorrow, was working; it was 70 km away from Hanoi, where I was studying. Friends told me “don’t be crazy ... but you are crazy anyway.” To most Vietnamese people, it was a crazy thing to do – cycle alone a great distance on a cruiser bicycle on a sunny day on a Vietnamese highway without a cycling track in 37 degree heat. Yes, I was crazy.

The hot weather could not keep me awake the whole way. I was sleeping while pedaling the bike. I woke up each time I heard the sound of the horns of vehicles on the road or the shouting of people on motorbikes or car drivers.

Finally, I arrived at my sister’s place, safe and sound. My sister was standing in front of the restaurant with a big smile waiting for me. When she came over and pulled my hands and dragged me to the kitchen to water and feed me, I knew that I was still alive.

I then asked my sister to see her living room. That moment became my biggest wake-up call, mentally and physically.

…the wake up call…

I couldn’t utter a single word when entering the room … it should not be called a room.

A tiny bed in a tiny dark dorm room with twelve beds with almost no way to walk through and where the sun could never shine in.

On one side of the room, my sister, Tomorrow, was standing. She had devoted her life to my family by working far from her own home at her early age. She had been through a serious accident, breaking one leg. But she brightened up the corner of the room with her cheerful smile.

And, there I was: with a good education, the support and love of my family, so many more options than I had and yet I had lost my self and the joy from my life.

On the side, where I was standing, I was doubtful, losing the joy of life, while having a good education and being supported by and the hope of my family.

*********I realised there was nothing missing but the grateful attitude for life*******my internal feeling that I create for myself 

Think about the public speaking, who told you public speaking is fearful - people told you - where the ideas come from - from people who told the people ---- 

We create the own prison for ourselves - what if I told you public speaking is exciting since the day you were born - you would feel excited to do it...

...You may not be able to change external factors - you can create the meaning for that --

You can always create and grow the orange if you want orange juice ....