How to raise your standards

We all know that we can live a better for a better quality of life and we know we have potential to do so, we just wonder how and where to start.

You can think about 5 areas that you want to raise to other levels that you feel better that can lead to any other areas better.

1. Joy

Associate the joy with the process of raising standards and in daily activities.

2. Health

When you are healthy, you feel energetic, you are more focused, you are more productive. You know if you have everything but not health, it is not meaningful.

Everyday your decision of what you eat, drink, sleep influence on your health. 

Remind yourself when you choose the apples or the fast food; cocacola or water; use the staircase or elevator; exercise in the morning or sleeping longer; yoga and going to the gym or going to party to drink

3. Focus 

Focus on one thing at a time, do not let the phones and laptops work against you, let them become your weapon, use them to set alarm to remind yourself to take a rest after each hour of intensively working.

Forget about multi tasking that does not advance your life. Work intensively for one task and take a break to get back focus.

4. Kindness 

Be kind to others, challenge yourself today to go out to:

·         Say 'Hi' and smile at a person you meet on the road

·         Give a compliment to your loved one and a stranger

·         Give a compliment to a person in a coffee shop or restaurant that you normally go to

·         Share the cake you make with your neighbor

·         Write a thanks card to your co-workers

5. Courage

Enable to raise your standards in any area, you want to be more courageous, even you may feel scared, but you will do it any way.

The more you do it, the more courageous you become. You will make the muscle of courage stronger each time you overcome the fear and the doubts to do things that advance your life, to be more joyful, to more healthy, to be more focused, to be more kind.

With that you nonstop taking action to advance your life, to nonstop loving living and giving.

Thanks for being couragoeous and kind to stay until this last word and the video.