How to develop growth mindset

We all want to feel fulfilled in life. Growth is one of the most fundamental factor to make us feel alive and fulfilled. We all can develop better every single day to have a better quality of life.

Here are 4 ideas to develop a growth mindset:

1. Self-belief: Believe in your ability to figure things out

Why? If you don't believe in your ability to figure things out, you will not even start or if you start, you easily quit along the way. 

How can you enhance the belief by creating a rule whenever you meet any project: I will try no matter what happen, it is better to not try! You can think about one experience you had in the past that you did well, so you can figure other things out too. Or you can use visualization to imagine you figure the project out and achieve the goal. Get excited about it.

For example: if you are an engineer, you need to make a presentation in public. Tell yourself, I will give it a try, engineering is much more complicated but you could study it, so why not public speaking - just speak. The difference is society associates the doubts and fear with public speaking while it can be the opposite - excitement. You design a beautiful product, you want to share it, you dont want to let the doubts take away the chance to bring your products to benefit others.

2. Question your doubts

Why? To free to move on. The doubts hold you back to try new things, to change for better.

How? You can question the doubts - what are the evidence for the doubts? Think about you have gone through a lot until today. And you can do it much better.

Change the doubts become curiosity - and the ability of giving it a try and figure things out. For example, even you are scared of public speaking - that what you think - you will say - let me try - I never experienced it so let me try - I will learn a new thing.

3. Master your skills by continuous learning 

You want to master your skills by reading, listening, learning from others....

You want to develop a curriculum for your skills. When you master your skills, you become more confidence and believe in yourself and vanish the doubts.

4. Learn from difficulties

Growth mindset people always look at what they can learn from a situation.