How to be more discipline

You want to be more self-discplined to master your skills or to just improve your health. Self-discipline is important for anything you want to achieve.

1. Scheduling 

Without scheduling, you will just go around and randomly respond to the world. Before you get the discipline muscle strong, you want to schedule the time to practice it.

Spend 30 minutes every week to schedule how your new week look like with how many major project, which day will you do it.

Set up the alarm or put it as notes, stick it every where that you can see or in your phone.

2. Visualisation with emotional connection 

Every morning, you want to visualise to imagine yourself doing and achieving the goal. Without emotion, our brain does not motivate our action to achieve it.

And visualise 3 goals if will achieve on that day

3. Intensive blocking time 

Start with the important tasks to you before responding to anyone. 

You want to set up the block time for each important task and then you can fully focus on it, allow yourself to fully be in it, and other time is for relaxing.

For ex: I have to write today, I am gonna write before responding to anyone.

4. Social reward 

You want to celebrate so your brain know it is good so it will keep it up.

For ex: if you finish one video, call a friend and share it. If you finish reading a book, share with your friend.