How to love more instead of jealous

Jealousy can kill our joy in life and our relationship. We dont need to allow it to do that to us.

So 4 ideas:

1. Awareness jealousy is just either fear of lost or fear from the past experience

Fear of lost may also come from your past experience or the behaviours of the person in the past. So you want to sit down and have a conversation with yourself, witness the thoughts which normally go with 'What if...' then let them go.

If it comes from the past behaviours of the person that triggers your brain 'she may do it now want to sit down and talk through, ask instead of assume.

2. Believe in yourself again and give yourself credit 

Sometimes you dont believe in yourself so you have the fear of lost, remember you have been through a lot. Dont think when the person leaves, life ends. Remember if you love with all your heart, you let things come and go, when the person goes, something new will come, dont try to hold back. 

3. Dont hold back your love, love on the person even more 

The only way to make you feel loved is to love, the only way to receive love is to love.

When you are willing to love, you are willing to receive.

When you love more, jealousy goes.

4. Renew your relationship with your self or with the person

Do something new together every week to love yourself and the person.