Day 9: How to keep your integrity

How to stick to your words because our time and energy equally important, we need to respect others' time and energy as our time and energy. We do not want to say Yes then cannot delivery that may damage the relationship with others. 

4 ideas that will help you stick to your word:

#1. Know the Why and Don’t commit to everything:  Stop committing to things that you’re not passionate about or not sure that you can commit or really crucial for others. Don't think that it is good to say Yes to please people because having to say sorry as you cannot commit after saying Yes is even worse. You may think people feel good when you say Yes but the bad feeling when you do not delivery is much worse. So if you say Yes, you need to be aware of your WHY and people WHY.

#2. Respect other people’s time. Your time is not more valuable than others. Respect others’ time much as you respect and want to protect your own. Remember that everybody has priorities, life, and responsibilities. Your decision to cancel on them disrupts their day and life, and that’s not fair. You don’t want people ruining your schedule so don’t do it to others.

#3. Reevaluate before breaking your word: Sometimes, we say ‘yes’ to a lot of things but we forget the WHY when we start working on them. We forget why we said ‘yes’ in the first place and lose passion, and so we quit. Before you cancel on anything, try to remember why you originally said yes. In other words, revisit the WHY so that you’re willing to endure the struggle.

#4. Recovery. If you cancel on someone or fail to deliver, you’ve broken your word. You need to buy back your character, reputation, and integrity with an act of kindness, generosity, or attrition. You’ll have to go beyond your original commitment. Not only does this type of act regain your reputation, it also supports you on your journey to being a good person. When you mess up, be more generous.