Be your BEST


Do you strongly feel about your BEST self?

How can you live up to your BEST everyday and then you can get things done well, you feel great about yourself, you feel great about life.

1. Have clarity about who you are

- Ask yourself: what is the self that I felt great when I was it, I achieved goals when I was that self, people also felt great to be around me, what would be the self?

- If you do not feel it strongly which mean you have not practiced often enough. Remind yourself to now practice living upto that person

- Use three words to describe your best self and use triggers (e.g., alrm on phone, or reminder on laptop, or post it on your business card) to remind yourself living up to that self

2. Continous improvement

- Read, listen to inspirational materials after you wake up and before you go to sleep

- Surround youself by like-minded people

- Go to seminar, talk

Just invest in yourself everyday

3. Live with services and kindness

- Ask yourself every morning, what can you do to serve people better everyday

- Be nice to others, just simple like a smile

Shine your BEST self everyday!