Day 8: The BEST you

3 IDEAS about having CLARITY of your best self:

1. Define your best self - use three words to describe your best self 

2. How does your best self interact with people - use three ways to describe your intention when interacting with people

3. What made you succeed - use the successful patterns to achieve new goals


1. Your best self. 

- Have clearly thought about who you want to be and who your ideal self would be on a day-to-day basis.

- Articulately describe who the person you are trying to become 

- Exercise: 3 words to describe your best self > reminding yourself to live up to that person (for example: in your notebook; your phone) > share it with people to keep accountability 

2. Interactions With Others. 

- Have clarity about how you want to interact with others

- Know your values and people's values, respect other ideas

-  What kind of impression and relationship you want with others

- Exercise: before you walk into meetings, spend some minutes to set clear intentions for how to interact with others

3. What Makes You Succeed

What specific things made you succeed in the past?  Are you doing those things consistently this year? Define your successful patterns and reinforce it, apply it with bigger scales, bigger effort and you will get bigger results.


+ The conscious awareness of the tactics, habits, and mindsets that have made you successful in the past: 3 key patterns

+ Re-scale it and re-evaluate to see what work, what does not work

+ Learn from the people who have achieved big results in the field that you want, you also can model them and you may be surprised that they may share with you what you already know, so the question is that - Have you done it consitently?