How to design your productive day


(COOL model: Connection with yourself + Ownership of your day + Organizing your day+ Laugh -bring joy to what you do)

(Evaluation for your daily activity: Does it matter? Does it move you towards your mission in life? So what is next? What can eliminate?)

How to design your productive day
Most people focus on the minority sources of success ()
Daily mind to approach a day:
1. Decide I am the owner of my day
I can regulate my action, my response to a situation.
I have a freedom to choice. I have my free wheel to be the ownership of my day.
We take back control of our life, our day. We look at life as things happen for us.
If not we will feel that we are victim of our day, we tend to be victim of our own emotions.
Just decide. Ask yourself that question every morning.
Anything happens just pause and use your intentional self to decide what meaning you want to give into it.
We are the give instead of passive taker.
Everyday when you wake up, ask this question.
2. Intention over impulse
If not we will re-act to things with our fast system without intention - it is impulsive intention.
The first reaction without intention or your best self (your fast system in your brain).
For example: Oprah team, before a day they ask 'What is our intention today".
"What is my focus today?"
Before you start something, you decide what intention, what meaning do you give into the action.
It is the practicing process. 
It is consistent process.
Just take a moment in the morning for yourself.
Just pause before taking action.
Recommended book: The power of intention
3. Slow down: 3 things that you feel thankful for
To be mindful even you have a lot of projects.
Never just click the sence and not being in the sence.
Slow down the moment that matter.

We lost the meaning of moment. The only way to live with intention our conscious mind is to be
fully in present. 
If you see something nice, just appreciate that moment.
4. Bring the joy: 3 things you can do to bring joy to people you meet
- Change the energy around you to get more joy
- Bring your positive self
- Bring meaningful things into things
- For ex: Walk inside a room with joyful intention.......
5. Difference: What can you do differently to go to the next levels (strategies)

- 3 GOALS: keep you on track
Actions for each goal
- people reaching out/waiting on/accumulated
- Projects with outcomes for your day
- Evaluation: what matters? what next? 
Eliminating things do not matter