How our brain works? How to maximize our performance?

This is a series interviews with Chris Walton - an internationally recognised performance psychologist, and the author of two best-selling books: The Gamma Mindset (creating the peak brain state); and Peak Performance in 60 Seconds  (the 4 essentials to maximise your energy, resilience and performance).

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Day 1: Why and how limiting beliefs work?

4 big ideas explained by Chris (check more details at:

1. Beliefs change easily because our brains are continually forming new neural connections and are extremely adaptable. Metaphorically, changing subconscious beliefs is like revising a document in a computer.

2. We know that our belief systems at the most fundamental level are specific patterns of energy and information within the body. Working with the matrix system of the body allows us to change our beliefs quickly and effectively.

3. The most efficient way to change subconscious beliefs is to have the latest understanding of your mind–body ‘operating system’ and to use a set of energetic psychology tools that provide a way to change deep-seated beliefs.

4. The doorway to your subconscious mind is your body. Energy psychology tells us that our bodies encode everything we believe. 

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