Every morning when we are thankful to wake up and have freedom to choose to take ownership of our day. Every morning, we are thankful to be alive. Every morning, we are thankful for what we already had and believe that we deserve to have more with commitment and desire. Every morning, we are thankful to live up to our best self and purpose. Every morning, we wake up with abundant love inside us and people around us. 

My thankful for today: The beauty of people around me

I planned a seminar to introduce my 2nd book but I could not get it in time yet. I thought at least I could gather friends who are deeply into personal development. They all came after I contacted them even last minutes.

We had a wonderful importune seminar where we could hear stories and what inspire us. 

We went with the flow. We went with our nature paths as our true best self.

I met her, T, a 2 months ago. At the first time I could see her panic and confusion. She was always looking around for something else, not into the conversation while we were talking. We pumped up with each other another time on other meeting. T messaged me to have a coffee together. I got to know her inspiring story of following her purpose of being the model for her son.

She has a genuine smile which can move people's heart. Yesterday, T smiled and stood up and shared her voice. By chance we could see outside of the window, my team or loners, which one do you want to choose?

T asked the question, do you want to collaborate or fight by yourself. 

T shared about how did she feel about her life of working with people from all walks of life and seeing them not happy. Most of us tend to live in their box, the box the society tells us to. But is it true? Only true until we let it become true.

Every morning when we wake up, knowing that we are truly living with ourselves. We allow ourselves to be out there, every single moment.

Our best self is calm, peaceful, loving, and caring. Yes, our best  self loves taking bold action. Our best self loves people and loves collaboration. No body is smarter than all of us. Nobody best self is smarter than all best self of use combined.

Every single day.

Gratitude + Ownership +Bold action + Giving