You are more than any moment

You are more than any moment

How to feel alive : progressing; the power of moment

What is the biggest fear – losing your job is not problem anymore if you hear you have cancer

What is the best thing that could happen in your life?


Affirmation verbally not enough – incantation feeling

Think about the moment that you achieve your goals – make it the whole body feeling – now I am the voice, I will lead not follow, I will believe not doubt, I will create not destroy, I am a leader to find the art , step up , now I am the voice

You are the voice not

You live life on your standard you don’t settle

You step up and claim who you are

Your life is matter, you are a giver not a taker

You define yourself, define your life


The voice is nothing more than the meaning you are giving something you did or didn’t do. 

You judge and evaluate yourself and the little voice in your head is just you “hearing” that judgment and evaluation.