How to stick on your goals: from goals setting to goals achieving person

What transform you from a goals-setting person to goals-aching person?


You may hear about SMART goal but before using that SMART goal technique, you need to think big for yourself. SMART goal can trap you by giving you chances to set goals in your comfort zone.

If you have set your goals, take a moment to re-evaluate it:

- Make you feel scared

- Make you feel challenged

- Make you feel excited 

- Connect with your purpose/your desire 

The bottom line is it makes you push yourself to take BOLD ACTION, to go extra mile. You may not know how to achieve it yet but you are excited because if you crash it, you raise to another standard in life, you discover more about yourself.

If you set a goal in your comfort zone, you will not feel excited maybe stressful because of getting it done on that day but not because you may discover about your ability.

2. Emotion + mind + body working for the goals 

If you do not emotionally connect with it, your body will resit. 

Every morning:

- Visualize your journey from you are now, overcome challenges and achieve the goals. You keep your smiles on the way no matter how difficult it might be.

- Feel it, See it, touch it, even smell it 

(Draw the picture of it? Stick it around your house?)

3. Find an accountable friend for it

Share it with your coach/mentor/friends who lift you up and believe in your potential.

They will keep accountability for you to achieve that goals.

Listen to other people's goals to charge your goals by momentum also. Cheers other people which automatically you cheer yourself.