Increase your PRODUCTIVITY: the rule 3

1. Live up to your best self described by 3 ADJECTIVES every single day
For ex: I am, Jessica, enthusiastic passionate patient person
To live up to your best self consciously and subconsciously by putting it on your walls, your laptops, and your phones
or set up TRIGGERS - pop up in your phone to remind you occasionally everyday.
2. Goals everyday
3 goals everyday to move you towards your long-term goals in life.
You will take action to achieve your daily goals and then move closer to your long-term goals.
It also helps you to keep the momentum with daily achievement.
3. Gear you up to wake up every morning
Refer to the book - the 5 second rule - count down to gear you up and get out of bed.
4. Control our action based on our emotions
Anytime you feel angry, count down 3 to 1 to calm down and act with your intentionally self
Reconnect with your best self that are bigger than the anger
5. Gratitude
3 things that you feel thankful for everyday. Focus on GRATITUDE to be more productive.