Make a breakthrough to your next level of success

'nLevel' - It is one of the strategies that I will share with you with insightful information in our LIVE MONTHLY high performance program:

Life is a series of different level of success or achievement or results (one may call it in different language). You need to hold to the self instead of the current situation and achievement to decide your future. The self has unlimited power and the only way to unleash it is to breakthrough to the unknown in the next level success:

1Level (current situation):

- Clarify what have made you success today: your competences?

- Clarify problems why your competences do not help you make a breakthrough to the next level of success:

 + Your competences are scaled with the mindset of current level of success not the next level of success

+ Your competences preserver you in your comfort zones 

+ Your competences drive you to perfect them for current level of success 

2Level (next level of success):

- Unknown 

- Scary 

- Struggles 

- Exciting 

To breakthrough to the next level of success:

- Choose to focus your mindset on the 2Level 

How? Learned from the people who have achieved the level you want to? Reading books and keeping developing yourself? Or if you are the top then just spend everyday 20% your time to think about what can you do differently to be different? 

- Practice everyday to focus your mind on the 2Level 

- Identify steps required to go to 2Level: 

How? Develop your competences with other distinctions based on the categories of 2Level. For example, you are a successful writer with 1 best selling book in 1Level; your 2Level is another book or maybe creating a world workshop to teach people? So you need to develop your public speaking, contact with people have been doing tours? etc. Some of you may be a great engineer in 1Level, and quite your job to write (2Level). You need to start writing everyday....

- You need to build your new habits routines and your schedules

- Honor struggles? Knowing that you are out of your comfort zones! 

How? Do it everyday and keep believing? How? Just think about the worse case is you not getting there but you move forwards? if you dont stop! You will get there!