Don't wait! Have ever wanted to ask? Just ask

Have you ever tried to ask?

It is an exercise for you. If you are a person who desire of doing something that matter. You admire somebody and really want to reach out to them. However, you never actually do it. You may think you need to wait until one day you become somebody to ask. The fact is that there are no such ‘one day’ and ‘one day’ can be today.

I wrote an email to two top leaders in the UK to interview them and got their replies with willingness to share. My friends have shared same stories. When they started their businesses, they really wanted to partner with successful entrepreneurs, they wrote letters to express how much thankful they felt to be inspired by these people, and asked them for interviewing. More than 70% of them replied with willingness to help.

So my friends, don’t want for becoming somebody because you are somebody if you believe so. And don’t need to wait till ‘one day’ because the ‘one day’ is today.  

How to ask?

- Express your gratitude of being inspired by them

- What parts of their work that you get inspired, be specific

- Use the common community that you and the person has to let the person feel that they need to have responsibility as a member in that community ( For example: If you are in consultant community, present yourself belong to the community)

- Clarify the purpose of your asking, people are willing to help the people who have deep desire and know that they want to do and why they do it

- What are the benefits that the person you reach out can gain, is it just reputation, is it just expressing the kindness, is this more than that? Think for them, be a giver not only a taker

- Integrity

And if you don’t get response, try again and keep working on yourself.

I knew a girl made her dream come true – working with her mentor- after 4 months of keeping asking him. She didn’t get respond but she didn’t give up. She told him if she could work with him, she could leave her PhD study. She could do whatever it took to make it happen.

What is about you? Don’t wait! Don’t hesitate without action! You are somebody! One day is today!