Have you grown 'success seed"? and CYT model to next level of success

Vietnamese has a lot of meaningful folktales. One day I went across a metaphor that has engraved in my mind till now: planting seeds.

You have freedom to choose which 'seed' to grow every single day.

Which seed are you 

CYT framework : Change your thoughts 

1. Catch your awareness of thoughts 

- What kind of seeds do you choose to plant and water every single day 

2. Changes your thoughts 

- Any thoughts come to your mind, just pause and then think from your intentional self to redirect the negative thoughts (which do not serve you, your life, or your purpose anymore)

- Or replace positive thoughts 

3. Accumulate your positive actionable thoughts 

- Reading books

- Think from successful people 

- Surrounded yourself by people who lift up you and then lift up others 


Choose successful seed and grow it everyday with:

- Positive thoughts

- Action 

- Uplifting environment 


how to identify the successful seed? See you in the next video 

mp3: http://www.podcastgarden.com/podcast/jenvuhuong