Always go the extra mile with boldness and integrity

It is the second time that I have a chance to listen to Karran speech (Chancellor of the University of Birmingham; founder of Cobra beer). His integrity makes his speech inspiring no matter how many times you listen to it. His integrity makes the timeless value of the speech. The success of a person may make us admire at first sight but, their integrity makes us admire them forever. 
The second thing I think we can learn from Karran is to have a desire of making a difference. We need to be determined by our desire. From that point, at a particular moment, we may see a simple idea and get it go as a business. Taking bold moves to get the business go. If we are not determined, we do not recognize the opportunity even it is surrounding us. When determination meets the opportunity, we have 'luck.'
Thirdly, Karran teaches us to control our thoughts because our thoughts shape our words, our words shape our actions, our actions shape our habits, our habits shape our values, and our values shape our reality. 
The one has struggled me the most any time to listen to Karran is to go the extra mile, always to do things better. Our momentum reaches its highest levels when we go extra miles. 
One last thing cannot be rated is the reason behind what we do. A big WHY helps us deal with struggles in our long journey.

Not only being inspired by experienced entrepreneur as Karran, but I was also inspired by a young entrepreneur who just opened his barber shop in our university after two years of convincing the university for the permission. He shared that he had the desire of opening his business for a long time before one day he went to the internet and searched for the nearest barber shop, he found the nearest one was miles away. The university has around 50,000 students, but there had never been in barber shop nearby. He started planning and staying in the process of convincing the university that they business would work. His persistence made his business happen.

Let's take a moment to reflect and question whether we can do things better? why we do what we do? are we really living up with our integrity - our best self? 
Are we taking bold action to achieve what we desire? Are we making contribution to the society?


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