Our thoughts shape our reality

Our thoughts shape our reality
The topic of ‘reality’ is often discussed regarding whether we can change the reality. The ultimate goal should be whether it advances of our life or not.
If you look at the collection of letters below, what would be your thoughts:
Most of us will see it like ‘You are nowhere’ even it can be ‘You are now here.'
One seems to be negative while other is positive.  One seems to be de-motivation while the other one is motivation. So why don’t we use our ability to define the real events. 
---REALITY means our ABILITY to deal with our THOUGHTS  on the REAL events in life----

I remember my sister story – she had a lot of struggles in her life – motorbike accident – she had to stop her education – she felt she was unlucky and she felt miserable – Everyone looked at her and said wow poor her. I was, on the other hand, admired how she could over come the situation. One day she told me named her dog to feel luckier. She became more positive. She felt happy all the time. She had problems with her jobs; her legs got hurt, sometimes but she was so happy. She was positive. She shaped her reality by using accumulating her positive thoughts. Anytime she looked at the dog; it reminded her that she was lucky so she felt happy. The remediation was accumulated enough to become her empowering beliefs that made her happy.
1. Evaluation
With any events, you need to bench it to align with your positive thoughts and your goals.
If the thoughts are beneficial for your goals, keep them.
If the thoughts are not, redirect them or let them go. 
2. Accumulation
+ Remind to leave up to your best self everyday (using triggers on phone or bringing your best self note everywhere you go)
+ Surrounded by successful minded people
+ Read positive books
+ Write gratitude journal everyday
3. Take action
+ 3 things you need to do to move towards your goals (writing or speaking if you are working to become a writer or a speaker, etc)
+ When you get results, no matter how good or bad the results are, remember you have tried your best, and you can always get better everyday. Move on. Continous improvement process.
Our thoughts can shape our reality, so we need to give the power on only positive thoughts that support our mission.

Keep believing and taking action!
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