Concentration - Cspeaking gym week 11

I was sitting in front of the laptop for hours but nothing was completed. I opened the laptop, I opened the phone, I opened my notebooks. I just kept opening things and closed them. I thought about one project and the thought about the second project came and the thought about the third project came. Hours by hours, I just kept thinking about all things I had to do without doing anything!

Have you ever felt that? You just keep thinking about all the things that you need to do but not doing them? While you do one thing then other thing comes, you do other things. It goes on and on.

It sounds not so exciting but it does happen sometimes I believe! But the good news is that we can always have the way to get back on track - to do the things instead of worrying about you have to do them!

Pomodoro or Blocktime is the technique that I have used to overcome the overwhelming time - keep worrying but not actually doing the things! And it works! There will be other ways and other factors that we need to master to stay focused but let’s master one technique by one technique. Let’s check out the Pomodoro or Blocktime today! If you know it and have used it, share it and inspire others to do the same so we can be more focused to achieve our high performance!

This technique suggests us to:

  • Divide our time into different slots

  • Each important project will be allocated in one slot time (recommended is around 50 minutes for each slot)

  • Between different projects we will take a break (either going for a walk or doing a quick meditation or going to wash our face or going to talk to someone), the idea is that we need to detach from the intensive time to re-energise to move to the next project (or the other part of the same project)

We can set up a trigger to remind us about 50 minutes up and break time up so we can go back and re-focus!

If you do it at the first day, maybe you don’t get used to it. So do it again, slowly as training a muscle in the gym, it will get stronger!

This week on Tuesday Cspeaking gym 2nd Oct we will practice different activities together to be more concentrated in doing our work (including speaking)!

Nonstop love, live, give,


P/s: this technique is also mentioned in one of my coming books - really looking forward to sharing it with you soon to support you reach your highest performance!