Confidence to take action - 5 second rule

The situation is that you have a moment of feeling doing something, you want to do it but you don’t feel doing it. There are something stopping you call it either fear or doubt or lack of confidence. For example, you want to raise your hand to share what you think in front of a group of people but you may scared of judgment.

The 5 second rule (of Mel Robbins) provides us a solution to overcome the feeling of not to do. This rule suggests that when you have the moment of wanting to do but not feeling to do, you have a window opportunity within 5 seconds - if you don’t move then your brain will kill the opportunity.

You just need to count 5-4-3-2-1 that activates your brain’s prefrontal cortex that gives you the control of the situation! So in the example of the beginning of this sharing, you can count and stand up at the same time or raise your hand at the same time or shout “'I”, you take back the control at that moment - all doubts and fear disappear!

And each time you do it, you become more courageous - your confidence muscle gets stronger and stronger!

So let’s count 5-4-3-2-1 more today to take action to be more confidence to reach your full potential instead of reaching full of the fear!

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