Competence - Speaking gym 24th Jul

We had another rocking day with great laughter and lot of lessons. 

1. Competence 

We talked about Competence. We know competence comes from the alignment of skills, attitude and behaviour development. The more we develop good patterns, the more competence we gain, the more confidence we have.

We know for the fact that skills/attitude/behaviour can be changed with practice although the level of difficulties will be varied skill by skill, attitude by attitude, behaviour by behaviour, person by person, context by context.

So the first step to gain competence is to decide we want to develop skills/attitude/behaviour. 

2. Pain and please 

Write down the reasons that make us want to develop these skills/attitude/behaviour.  List out the pain of not achieving them and pleasure of achieving them.

Keep an image with the pleasure to remind you everyday to engage with the things you want to learn.

3. Plan of action 

Make an action plan for every month, every week, every day to develop the skills/attitude/behaviour 

4. Reminder

Create a reminder on the phone or having a friend to remind you to stay on track

5. Reward 

Give yourself some credits after each day!

By learning these new skills/attitude/behaviour and practice them everyday, they will become habits and you can obtain conscious competence.

See everyone in the next event on Tuesday, 20 Nui truc, Lancaster building!

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