The power of 'Thank you'

Why should we say 'Thank you' more often? 

Some years ago, I learned about the power of say 'Thank you'.  My friend and I went to the enrollment office to register for my Masters in Spain some years ago. They rejected to help us register because we couldn't speak their language, Spanish. I then convinced the staff to let me talk with their manager. The manager also rejected to support us as we didn't speak Spanish. 

I smiled at her with the gratitude that at least she came out to talk to us and I said 'Gracias'  (meaning Thank you) and nodded with everything she spoke.

'Come here, little girl'

She suddenly called me to come over to her. She then started speaking Spanish with me more and I said 'Yes.Thank you' even more. She then realised I only could say 'Yes. Thank you'. She laughed and then helped me and my friend then registered anyway.  She told it was just because of my smile and the Spanish word 'Si' that made her think I had a good attitude and could speak the same language - Spanish - as her. 

How often do you speak 'Thank you'? What do you use it for? Why do we should say 'Thank you' more often?

The University of Georgia recently conducted a survey on the subject of marital happiness and they found the benefits of saying 'Thank you': 

The Thanker

·         Produces positive emotional state

·         Increases sense of well being

·         Triggers ‘feel good’ hormones ˈhɔː.məʊn/ 

·         Re-enforces virtuous /ˈvɜː.tʃu.əs cycle in your brain

The Thankee

·         Feels higher levels of self worth

·         Triggers greater desire to help Thanker

·         Triggers helpful behaviors toward others

·         Appreciate being needed

·         Feel more socially valued


How many people can you think of you can thank that you may have overlooked in the past? Who can you think of that you can thank again with more passion? Who will you always remember to thank in the future?

If you don't have anyone in your mind - I can be one^^

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