You win I win We win - The power of Collaboration

I was so thrilled today to see our members in different levels of language, thinking and background effectively and creatively worked together.

One team made a scenario in which 2 people need to decorate a whiteboard. One person was short and other was tall. The short person easily drew in the bottom area of the whiteboard while the tall person easily did the same with the top of the whiteboard. They did not collaborate with each other so it turned out that they both got blamed by their managers because one did not do the painting in the top of the white board well and the other did not paint well in the bottom the whiteboard.

The manager gave them the 2nd chance and asked them to work together that when they realised they could make a great painting from the top to the bottom by working together.

 You have one idea, I have one idea, we share, we have 2 ideas.

If you win, I win we win!



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