Working in the field as one of the main activities when I was a kid. Seeing and involving in farming work, I have learned great lessons related to the power of cultivation.
Every season, my family would choose one particular fruit or plant or vegetable to grow. Despite the differences, the process seems to be repeated.
Here is a simple process (where I take one of my favorite fruits -watermelon - as an example):
1. Decide to grow watermelon (e.g. identify the characteristics of the season (e.g., hot, cold) to make sure it is suitable with the watermelon)
2. Select good watermelon seeds by referring to experts 
3. Prepare the land (e.g., making beds, weeding, fertilizing) 
4. Planting the seeds 
5. Watering and weeding 
6. Repeating the 5th step until having watermelon fruit 
7. Give some nice fruit to our neighbors and relatives 
This process can be related to a process of growing a person or a capability or a mindset! Let's take 'speaking' capability as an example.
1. Decide to develop the speaking identity - the speaking 'seed'
2. Modeling from successful speakers 
3. Make a speaking plan/Join a like-minded group to practice speaking 
4. Speak everyday 
5. Eliminate negativity or limiting beliefs making us feel not confident in speaking; reinforce empowering beliefs making us more confident 
6. Repetition of speaking with different distinction 
7. Share with others, support others 
Maybe you have another way of interpreting? But we all can agree on one fact is that - if we want to have 'result's, we need to cultivate thoughts, action and beliefs toward the results we want!
You can be a great public speaker/leader and most importantly a person! In Cspeaking gym, we help you to cultivate that identity!
Lets do it together every day! And tomorrow we celebrate this topic CULTIVATION together at CSpeaking gym!