How many of you here who believe you are a leader? Why not?

“I never call myself as a leader. I just have that willingness to take responsibilities to be the best that I can be and help other people’

That’s the answer of a leader that I interviewed recently, she owned 3 companies and has been CEO of 4 international organisations; quite an achievement…I thought how many more companies you need to own and lead then you call yourself as a leader? Even 1000 companies …I would answer the same…but I would have that attitude to take responsibilities to make things happen…

…I winded out the clock, when I was a little kid, 5 years old, I always saw myself as a leader, at least of my life, no companies I owned at that time yet, no people I helped yet, actually just made noise and made my parents worried…but the one day changed my entire life, the day I decided to be a leader of my own life, after my mum punished me because I didn’t do my homework, I knew I had to take responsibility for my own life, be a leader of my life…

So my friends, it is not about whether you call yourself as a leader or not, I BELIEVE and I KNOW that everyone of us can be a leader to some extent, either to our own life, to our family, our circles of friends or to society. Even if you hate the title LEADER, don’t call yourself that but do the action as a leader does…leading to making a difference either in your life or people life...because it is not about the title, it is about what do you do as a leader instead of being led by social norm, negativity or things that do not help you to be the best you can be and contribute the best as you can.

…having that mindset…you are the one who take responsibility for your life, not anyone else…you take control of situations, not the situations….you take control of the news, not the news take control you…and never stop learning…LEAD