How to turn defeat to success

We all have big dreams, goals, purpose and we may sometimes do not get the results as we desire. For example, if we write a blog, nobody reads it. If we just program an application, nobody uses it. We feel like we failed. No matter what you call the experience, the idea is how to move on and let it motivate you.

1. Choose empowering meanings for the experience 

Ask yourself the question - What can I learn from the experience? What can I learn from people? What can I do it differently? 

You immediately change your focus to move toward. At the end of the day, you want to move forward, you need to train your brain to have that habit. You may argue it is not easy to do. Yes, that is why you need to do it more often. When you create that rule for your brain and practice it often enough, it will automatically run anytime anything happen. 

You always fall forward.

2. Gain momentum

You don't want to just feel down and stuck in the circumstances. You want to take immediate 3 actions. Why 3? Not so many and not so little so your brain will easily accept it!

For example, you can just send an email to your friend to ask for feedback. Or simply just go for a walk and enjoy the sun. Or just go to a coffee shop and write down your journal. Or just simply go to a meeting to meetup with people.

When you feel that you connect again with life and you are not alone, you release the feeling of failure.

3. Serve more 

You want to ask yourself - how can I serve better today!

How can I contribute more to life!

If you change your focus to people, you become bigger than your circumstances, you see things from more empowering perspective.

You nonstop taking action and live a nonstop loving living and giving life!