Does it add value to our life?

16 March, we learned different lessons. BELIEVE SMALL STEPS KEEP GOING. One speaker taught us to believe in ourselves. Another taught us to take small step and try it anyway. Another speaker showed us his perseverance. We also had a wonderful speaker who shared 'Tackle the hardest part first'.

I found another lesson for not only my speech but in doing projects in my life. CUT what does not add value. One experience speaker used to write down his speech and turned 3 sentences to 3 words while remaining same message.

I reflected back the time I could cut 4000 words essay to 2000 words essay; 5000 words to 2500 words. I never did it with my speech? 

From speech to life?

Does this ADD value to my life?

Ask this question and only keep the things having the ABSOLUTE yes.

***********************************How can we stay FOCUSED***************************************

1. Using number 3 rule: 

Before you do anything, before you reply to any requests, count down 3 to 1: 

+ To avoid reply by your impulsive thoughts 

+ You can calm down and intentionally reply

+ Repeat the process to re-check with your mission; whether the request is going to move you towards your mission in life?

+ Repeat to check whether the opportunity help you grow?

+ Does it add value to your life or people life?

2. Saying NO more often 

+ Saying NO to the things which do not give you the absolute answer 'YES' for the questions above

+ Saying NO to express your respect to other that you need time to think about the request; and that you only say YES when you can be sure 100% that you can commit to it with your heart

+ Saying NO to express your respect to your self and your mission 

3. Cut non-essential things 

Just take a pen and a paper and draw your activity pictures. 

- 5 activity you normally do every day 

- 5 activity you normally do every week 

- Evaluate to see whether these activities can give you the answer YES to the questions in section 1

4. Use the 9 minutes rule

- Increase 9 minutes for being mindful with gratitude 

- Increase 9 minutes for physical exercise

- Increase 9 minutes thinking about strategies for doing things better

- Increase 9 minutes for reading books 

- Increase 9 minutes for writing journal 

- Reduce 9 minutes browsing everyday

- Reduce 9 minutes watching videos or youtube in the subjects not adding value to your life

- Reduce 9 minutes of thinking about I have to do this but not doing 

5. Setting triggers to remind yourself