Finish the year 2017 strong to start an extraordinary year 2018





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Finish the year 2017 strong in the next 28 days (if you are reading this post on 3rd Dec 2017 ^_^)  is the first step to gain the momentum to start an extraordinary year 2018. This post shares information covered in the live seminar on 3rd Dec 2018 that you can use to gear up for an extraordinary year 2018. Thanks to all speakers (Jen; Allen  -  and Angela - ) and amazing proactive audiences. 



We all have dreams and goals but we may not always feel taking action and omitting to our goals or dreams. Why don't we DO things to achieve what we want? The main reason resides in the UN-ALIGNMENT between what we want to achieve (conscious mind) and what drives our behaviours (subconscious mind). This means we all somehow have RESOURCES or can CULTIVATE resources to achieve what we want, we just need to work on how to align our CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS mind.



4 principles to collaborate with our mind (particularly to create the alignment between our conscious - which controls less than 10% of our behaviours  and subconscious mind - which controls more than 90% of our behaviours)

1. Interest: Our mind works the best with what we are interested 

2. Pain and pleasure: Our mind helps us to avoid pain and gain pleasure 

3. Images: Our mind works best with images 

4. Familiarity/Habits: Our mind acts upon what is familiar 




TOOLS/TECHNIQUES (you need to try to see which one is working the best for you):

1. Managing your state of mind with visualising techniques before entering an important event or making a decision or when you have negative feeling (for example, thinking about what do you feel thankful the most, step in that moment of feel them with all senses). This technique primes our SUBCONSCIOUS mind to positive grateful state. Our mind cannot focus on 2 different feelings at the same moment, either positive or negative. From that point, you can make a decision or take bolder action to create better results.

2. The power of perspectives: Looking at things in different perspectives (re-framing techniques) to take better action or change from negative to positive things. You can use 3 questions to re-frame most of any events:

+ How do I/you know that?

+ Redefine the concepts with different words (our mind works the best with certain words, you need to find what words work the best for you)

+ Think from the time aspect (how do you see the things differently with the past, present, future)?

3. Empower empowering beliefs: We need to acknowledge our eliminate our limiting beliefs but we also need to emphasis them and amplify them:

We can use 3 questions for strengthening one empowering belief:

+ What does it mean?

+ How do I know that?

+ What make me do that well or be that person?

4. To feel centered and content in the here and NOW:

You can use 3 principles for meditation:

+ Be comfortable 

+ Awareness and focus 

+ No attachment with outcomes 

5. Reflection to take bolder/better action

Reflection and celebration for any wins in 2017 to gain the momentum/pleasure that makes our brain understands that what is good so it drives us to keep it up. At the same time, we can reflect on what is not pleasure and how we can gain pleasure by improving on it. 


7. Sustain empowering habits